All about you need to know what is Ajjubhai94 in Free Fire?

 Free Fire Ajjubhai94 ID, Statistics, Ajjubhai94 Free Fire Profile And More All About You Need Know Total Gaming Ajjubhai94 

Free Fire Ajjubhai94 Profile
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Ajjubhai94 is a YouTuber whose Channel Name is Total Gaming. Ajjubhai94 is A most popular Free Fire Player and also 21082 like is Free Fire in-game profile, He has played over 12,249 matches included all modes solo, duo, squad, and total win matches is 2,842 in all mode lifetime statistics and 21,082 likes on Free Fire in-game profile, information collecting on: Nov 23, 2020.

Garena Free Fire is one of the fastest-growing battle royale video games on a mobile platform. Free Fire is developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena for Android and iOS devices with around 500 million downloads on Google Play Store.

“Who is ‘Ajjubhai94”?

Ajay resides in Gujarat Ahemdabad and goes by his in-game name of Ajjubhai94 in Garena Free Fire. and he has a YouTube channel name is Total Gaming, He has exemplary gaming skills and is famous for his well-thought Free Fire gameplay. Ajjubhai94 has a huge fan following and is followed by thousands of Free Fire players, and at the last Ajjubhai94 is a PC player.

What Ajjubhai94 Free Fire ID?

What is Ajjubhai94 Free Fire UID
Ajjubhai94 Free Fire Profile

All About You Need To Know Ajjubhai94 Free Fire Profile Details 

  • Stats Collect on: Nov 23, 2020

  • Ajjubhai94 Free Fire ID: 451012596
  • What is Level in Ajjubhai94 Free Fire: Level 71
  • How Many Likes In Ajjubhai94 Free Fire Profile: 21,082 Likes
  • In-game Name: Ajjubhai94
  • What Is Ajjubhai94 Free Fire Guild Name: TG MAFIA

What is Ajjubhai94 Lifetime Statistics in Free Fire?

Ajjubhai94 Stats on Free Fire
Image by: Ajjubhai94 Lifetime Stats In Free Fire

Ajjubhai94 Free Fire Lifetime Statistics, Solo, Duo, Squad, Collect on: Nov 23, 2020

  • Total Games Played Included Solo, Duo, Squad: 12,249
  • Total Wins Match Included Solo, Duo, Squad: 2,842
  • Total Kills Included Solo, Duo, Squad: 44,296

Ajjubhai94 Free Fire Solo Lifetime Statistics 

Ajjubhai94 Solo Lifetime Stats
Image by: Ajjubhai94 Solo Lifetime Stats

Ajjubhai94 Free Fire Solo Lifetime Stats Collect on: Nov 23, 2020
  • Solo total games played: 889
  • Solo total wins match: 76
  • Solo total kills: 2246
  • Top 10: 252
  • Top 10 rate: 28.35%
  • K/D ratio of: 2.76
  • AVG distance traveled: 2.89KM
  • AVG survival time: 7.54″
  • Most kills in match: 17
  • AVG damage per match: 812
  • Roadkills: 2
  • Headshots: 701
  • Headshots rate: 31.21%

Ajjubhai94 Free Fire Duo Lifetime Statistics

Ajjubhai94 Free Fire
Image by; Ajjubhai94 Free Fire Duo Lifetime Stats

Free Fire Ajjubhai94 Duo Statistics Lifetime Collect on: Nov 23, 2020

  • Total games in duo: 1621
  • Total wins in duo: 300
  • Total kills in duo: 6324
  • Top 5: 586
  • Top 5 rate: 36.15%
  • K/D ratio of: 4.79
  • AVG distance traveled: 3.55KM
  • AVG survival time: 09.53″
  • Revives: 340
  • Most kills in match: 27
  • AVG damage per match: 1455
  • Roadkills: 5
  • Headshots: 2112
  • Headshot rate: 33.40%
  • Knockdowns: 3739

Free Fire Ajjubhai94 Squad Lifetime Statistics 

Ajjubhai94 Squad Lifetime Stats
Image by: Ajjubhai94 Free Fire Squad Lifetime Stats

Ajjubhai94 Free Fire Squad Lifetime Statistics 

  • Total games played: 9739
  • Total wins game: 2466
  • Total kills: 35,726
  • Top 3: 3440
  • Top 3: rate: 35.32%
  • K/D ratio of: 4.91
  • AVG distance traveled: 3.28KM
  • AVG survival time: 08.44″
  • Revives: 2077
  • Most kills in match: 29
  • AVG damage per match: 1550
  • Roadkills: 76
  • Headshots: 11,490
  • Headshot rate: 32.16%
  • Knockdowns: 31,802

Ajjubhai94 is a Most Popular Indian Gamer YouTuber

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Even though clips of Free Fire Ajjubhai94’s gameplay are all over the internet, you can watch him exclusively on his YouTube Channel named TOTAL GAMING handled by Ajjubhai94. He streams his Garena Free Fire live and uploads Free Fire OP gameplay video with Hindi commentary and plays other fun games as well.

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