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How To Get Double Diamond In Garena Free Fire All About You Know

 How To Get Double Diamond In Garena Free Fire All You Need Know

Free Fire Double Diamond

Many people keep searching on Google. how to get free fire diamond. how to take a diamond in the Free Fire. friends. now you do not need to search all this on Google. I will tell you in today's article that you can free diamond in fire How can you take it means how can you take the double diamond. if you top up 400 diamonds then friends you will get 800 diamonds. if you cut off 800 diamonds then you will get 1600 diamonds. you will get 400 diamonds for free. You have to pay money and friends. you will get 800 diamonds. inside your free fire game. 

How to take the double diamond in the Garena Free Fire. I will tell you 

How to be Hello friends. in this article today friend. I will tell you that you will get a double diamond inside your free fire game How can you take everything in this article. I will tell you how you can take double diamond inside your free fire game. friends here. I will tell you if you top up ₹ 200 of friends then friends will give you 400 diamond How will friends get this offer. you can use it only once for one ID. Frequently mean when you can not even use it frequently because it will at the same time on an ID will have the full attention to the quality article will know.

How To Use Free Fire Boubel Diamond 

There are people who want to get diamonds for the Free Fire. but diamonds of free fire have become very expensive. so friends here. I have brought for you here. I have brought a website here with the help of friends. you can use your free You can take double diamond inside the Free Fire game. Hi friends. if you top up the free fire. if you get 400 diamonds over there and if you top up from here. friends. you will get 800 diamonds then how to take the answer diamond And how to get it. read this post a little carefully.

Which website gives double diamond in the Free Fire. 

this website which I told you here or the website gives double diamond once on an ID. if you second this If you top up your free fire from the website. friends. you will not get a double diamond every time. so you care about this Do not keep the. Site link https://gameskharido.in/app

Offer Rules

Website https://gameskharido.in/app
This offer valid for only one id one time
you cant use this offer multiple time in the same Free Fire id
Give Diamond 

Use First Time
₹ 40
Diamond × 50 + Bonus 50
₹ 80
Diamond × 100 + Bonus 100
₹ 240
Diamond × 310 + Bonus 310
₹ 400
Diamond × 520 + Bonus 520
₹ 800
Diamond × 1,060 + Bonus 1060
₹ 1,600
Diamond × 2,180 + Bonus 2180
₹ 4,000
Diamond × 5,600 + Bonus 5600

Use The Second Time 

  • ₹ 40
  • Diamond × 50 + Bonus 5
  • ₹ 80
  • Diamond × 100 + Bonus 10
  • ₹ 240
  • Diamond × 310 + Bonus 31
  • ₹ 400
  • Diamond × 520 + Bonus 52
  • ₹ 800
  • Diamond × 1,060 + Bonus 106
  • ₹ 1,600
  • Diamond × 2,180 + Bonus 218
  • ₹ 4,000
  • Diamond × 5,600 + Bonus 560

How to use see the step by step introduction

Step 1 Go to https://gameskharido.in/app

And Select Free Fire
Select Free Fire

Step 2 Enter Your Free Fire Game User ID

Find your user ID in-game profile and enter bellow
Free Fire Game User ID

Step 3 select your payment method

Step 4 Now select your Topup Amount

Step 5 Now pay and complete your payment

Step 6 check your diamond in the Free Fire game

Payment successful. the diamond will come inside your Free Fire game. 

here you will get the payment success. then after that, you have to open your game like you open your free fire game. then friends. you will get to see your diamond inside your game. No problem will come. If your diamonds are not visible to you inside your game. then you can wait a little while in 2 or 5 minutes. any diamonds you have will be in your ID. 

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