All about you know what is the Free Fire Next Incubator December 2020

All about you need to know Free Fire next Incubator: Time Skipper Blueprint and Bundle

Time Skipper
Free Fire Next December 2020 Incubator: Time-Skipper

Free Fire is one of the most popular games around the world, with over 500 Million+ downloads across all the platforms Android and IOS. One of the prime features of the game, the age-old incubator is still confusing to many players. This Garena Free Fire December 2020 Incubator guide will tell you what it is and what you can do in it. It is a premium-based Luck Royale as it is quite expensive to get the items required.

What is the Free Fire Incubator in?

Free Fire Incubator

Every 30 days i.e. 1 month, the prize theme of the incubator changes. You can spin to win weapon skins or bundles male and female. Every rotation once it has been decided if there’s going to be weapon skin or bundle, the theme of that skin will match with the other skins which will be 3 color variants and have different effects if it is a bundle rotation.

Time-Skipper Incubator Bundle And Blueprints December 2020

No 1 Bundle Gold Time-Skipper

  • Evolution Stone: 7
  • Blueprints: 3
  • Male bundle name: Gold Time-Skipper
  • Female bundle name: Gold Time-Hopper

Free Fire Incubator

No 2 Bundle Azure Time-Skipper

  • Evolution Stone: 5
  • Blueprints: 2
  • Male bundle name: Azure Time-Skipper
  • Female bundle name: Azure Time-Skipper
Free Fire Incubator

No 3 Bundle Carbon Time-Hopper

  • Evolution Stone: 3
  • Blueprints: 1
  • Male bundle name: Carbon Time-Hopper
  • Female bundle name: Carbon Time-Hopper
Free Fire Next Incubator

Free Fire December 2020 Incubator the cheapest item in the Incubator bundle will cost you 3 Evolution Stones and 1 Blueprint while the most expensive bundle will cost you 7 Evolution Stones and 3 Blueprints. You can only claim each bundle/ skin in the Incubator once.

What are Blueprints and Evolution Stone

Free Fire

Free Fire
Evolution Stone

How to redeem and Win item in Incubator

How to redeem a prize, you will need 2 objects – the Evolution Stone and the Blueprint. The minimum of these you will need is 3 Evolution Stones and 1 Blueprint, and then the prize ascends per color in a random order which is chosen by Garena Free Fire. here the most expensive is 7 Evolution Stones and 3 Blueprints need to unlock Incubator reward.

Getting Evolutions stone is much easier than Blueprints but here is how can you get them. You can get Evolution Stones by buying the Free Fire Elite Pass. This will cost you 180 badges where there will be an Evolution stone waiting for you. if you need Blueprints you need to spin in Incubator Wheel and it’s not easy sometimes you can also get them for free in events but this is very rare.

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