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Garena Free Fire totally does not afraid to be called a pay-to-win game at all and give you all the benefits you want as long as you have Diamonds. In the past, Garena Free Fire allowed players to watch ads in the game to get free Diamonds but that option is longer available, making it much harder for free-to-play players to get free Diamonds in Free Fire.

Free Fire Diamond Earning App

With the limited amount of Diamond from events in Garena Free Fire, it is not enough for free-to-play players to catch up with other paid players and get new items. Garena Free Fire Diamond Earning App is the ultimate answer to this matter. This kind of app will offer you multiple ways to get free Diamonds in Free Fire for free by doing certain actions that are offered to you free Diamond.

#1 mGamer – Free Diamonds, Redeem Code & Earn Money

What is the mGamer app about?

▶ mGamer App is provided free game currency for your favorite mobile games.
Is this a legal or official game currency? will my game id/account ban
▶ Yes, this app provides an official game currency. We simply purchase and transfer the currency from the official website of the game provider.
Don’t worry at all, none of your game account/id will ban. It’s a legal and official currency transfer

Is this game currency supported in my country?
▶ Yes, this game currency work internationally.

This app does not provide any cheating method to hack game tricks.
We simply transfer the game currency from the official website for purchasing that product.

Download this app click here

How to get free diamond in Free Fire

Free Fire Diamond

How to get and redeem the game currency?

▶ Collect coins by playing game tournaments, watching videos, filling the survey, and completing tasks
▶Redeem game currency by spending coins.

Collect coins and redeem Free Fire Free Diamond 

  • Collect 4000 Coins and redeem 50 free Diamond in Free Fire
  • Collect 8000 Coins and redeem 100 free Diamond in Free Fire
Latest App Reviews By People
  • M Rage
  • 10 December 2020
2 main problems in app 1. Every time I play the tournament it shows me the top 100 most times but I don’t know what happens in the last 1 hour time everybody makes unbelievable scores of about 25000 points in flappy bird games and about 8000 points in the piano games. Literally, it is impossible to get that
  • Dinesh Kumar
  • 7 December 2020
It is a nice and good earning app but sometimes the surveys are breaking and the time redeem is taking 8 – 10 hours. But also they told it may take 48 hours but redeem little short. But you take a step for instant redeem. Then I will make star ratings to 5 stars. Thank you for creating this app.
  • Ashok Hansda
  • 11 December 2020
It’s a good app for earning money. It is very suitable for people who play online games. At first, I thought It was a fake app but now I am satisfied with the app (except for some little problems). In this app, you have to earn coins by giving surveys and you can redeem them for game coupons. Try it for y
  • Dony Truck
  • 24 November 2020
It is a very very good app I had been searching for apps that give free diamonds etc, But it had some little annoying problems like- 1. Sometimes I automatically kick out from surveys and it shows “some issue” but please mention which issue 2. Please make your app fast I had to wait for approximately 5-6

#2 EzCash: Free In-Game Currency & Gift Cards

About EzCash App

  • Play the game and win coins and redeem free diamond
free fire diamond earning app
Download app click here

You just made one step forward if you’re looking for a good application to make money online or to top up your favorite mobile/pc games!

Nothing’s perfect they say, and that’s true, that’s why we made our application close to perfect at least.

Our application provides the following payout options for you:

1-Free Game Currency Top-up:

  • – Garena Free Fire Diamonds
  • – Mobile Legends Diamonds
  • – Rules of Survival Mobile Diamonds
  • – LifeAfter Credits
  • – Call of Duty Mobile CP (Garena) ( currently available only in Indonesia )
  • Free Fire Diamond Earning App

2-Gift Cards & Cash (more details below)

We kept it simple for you so you can get rewarded so fast and the easy way but:

How is that? How do I start making money online?

You may have installed other earn money apps but you’re still looking for the right application, well you may have found it!

Unlike many others,

Our app has many choices to collect coins easily with no hustle or hidden tasks.

it has many options so you can earn the fastest and the swift way in a short period of time, furthermore, you’ll obtain 50 bonus coins when you install our app and create your account!

You can gather coins by inviting people, checking in daily, scratching, voucher codes, Sharing on social media, watching ads, and completing hot offers (more to come!)

The special item about our app is the low payout rates, for 1200 coins only which are really easy to obtain, you’ll be able to claim your first prize! although other paying apps

provides a minimum of 2000 coins or even more. Hence, Our app has high value offers at a low cost.

Speaking of payouts and prizes you can exchange your acquired coins with:

  • – A variety of Gift Cards (starting at 5$) such as Google Play (EU, US, CA, GBP, BRL, IDR, INR Currencies & more to come), Amazon, Playstation/PSN, Steam, Netflix,
  • Xbox if you have a gift card suggestion, contact us and we will do our best to include it.
  • – Along with this, PayPal real cash is available as well!
  • – The EXCLUSIVE thing about Our app is that we didn’t forget about Gamers, if you’re a gamer and looking to top up your favorite game’s in-game currency for free,

EzCash included this option so you can enjoy playing and level up your gaming experience (games mentioned above).

So what do you benefit from when you install and start using EzCash?

  • – Quick way to earn coins and save your time.
  • – Free 50 welcome bonus coins along with another 50 if you put someone’s referral code. (you need to reach 250 coins first to input someone’s referral code)
  • – Smooth referral setup.
  • – 72 hours or less payouts and the ability to follow your rewards requests.
  • – If you’re a gamer you’ll be able to top up your main games.

Latest App Reviews
  • 20ECO0019 Diethoselhu Kruse
  • 3 December 2020
It’s really a nice app where you can earn real money and it’s legit. You can also recharge for games like Pubg, mlbb, Netflix, etc. But there are two problems with this app. The first is that it takes time for the adds to start and sometimes it doesn’t even work and the second is that the way of earning p
  • Yashraj Shinde
  • 4 December 2020
Excellent app…..Not fake apps like others…But the most problem is that to earn coins v have to do very hard work…N on top of it if v collect coins by watching ads during the redeem option only 50% r was taken from watching ads….no problem to watch ads but it is giving only the half of v earn…
  • Rohit Kumar
  • 24 November 2020
The only thing in this app is its redemption points are very high so customers only able watch their videos and getting loss of internet and start thinking that when we will reach my dreams of redeeming my points but we cannot achieve them it let our mind to exit the application frequently because it
  • Arlene Ensela
  • 10 December 2020
I think it’s the best apps I’ve ever installed but I recommend instead of ads it is more fun if it’s games I will assume it for the next update and I will definitely give it 5 Star

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