Free Fire: CR7' Chrono Vs Dj Alok Character Ability Who Is Better?


Free Fire
Free Fire Dj Alok Vs Chrono (CR7) Ability

Garena Free Fire-new Free Fire update is titled OB25 and is now live on servers for all users. It is bringing changes to the training new map and tossing in some new guns like parafal. Additionally, as part of the update, they brought in the much-anticipated Operation Chrono new character event in collaboration with Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7). Players can currently keep on playing the older version of the Free Fire game. However, to get the new map Bermuda remastered and gun, pet, they have to update.

Free Fire Dj Alok Vs CR7′ Choron Character Ability

Garena Free Fire to achieve a BOOYAH! and win in a game. The Special skills of free fire characters give a huge advantage in an intense game gunfight. Free Fire has 35 characters in-game. Likely we will be discussing two Free Fire Characters CR7’s Chrono and DJ Alok. We all know every character in Garena Free Fire has a unique ability and skills active or passive of their own. Which is very helpful in the game. Not only Gun skins, pets, and bundles people crave for characters in Garena Free Fire. We will discuss CR7’s Chrono vs DJ Alok character ability in Free Fire in this post.

Free Fire Chrono “CR7” Ability 

Free Fire

Chrono is the latest addition to the characters in Garena Free Fire. He is based on football player Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7). His ability- Time-Turner is an active skill that creates a force field that blocks 600HP worth of damage and also speed up on ability is on.

About Chrono
Skill TypeActive

Chrono (CR7) Ability
Creates a force field that blocks 600 damages from enemies. One can fire at outside foes from within force field. Movement speed increases by 30% During skill activation, allies within force field gets 15% increases in movement speed. All effects last for 9s. CD 40s.

Free Fire Dj Alok Ability

Free Fire
Free Fire Dj Alok Ability
About DJ Alok
NameDJ Alok
AbilityDrop The Beat
Skill TypeActive

DJ Alok is one of the most popular Free Fire characters and it’s covered by many players because of its skills. If the character Dj Alok reaches the maximum stage, it can replenish 5 HP per second for a total 10-second period. It also generates an atmosphere of 5 meters aura, which not only replenishes teammates’ HP but also increases movement speed.

Dj Alok Ability
Create a 5m aura that increases ally movement speed by 15% and restore 5 HP/s for 10s. Cannot be stacked.

Dj Alok Vs Chrono (CR7) Comparison

Though DJ Alok being the most favorite character Free Fire for all the new characters Chrono (CR7) can turn the tables here. Chrono has an excellent ability than DJ Alok in Free Fire.

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