Check Out - Free Fire New Event and Updates Today - April 2021

Among the days 07-13 / 02, several events will arrive at Free Fire, such as, for example, new incubator, web events, free items, recharge events, and much more! In this article, I’m going to show you Free Fire new event images and leaks of Free Fire-new upcoming events and updates.

Check out all the news that arrives in the next few days for Free Fire: 2021

Free Fire New Upcoming Incubator April 2021

Free Fire Incubator
Free Fire New Upcoming Incubator April 2021

So guys this is our new Free Fire incubator bundles this incubator bundle coming in April 2021 in our Free Fire game.

Free Fire New Faded Wheel Event, New Gloo Wall Skin, And Katana Skin

Free Fire New Event

Free Fire New Event

Free Fire new event Faded wheel in Pakistan server, as we all have seen Free Fire has been providing players a Katana skin. Free Fire it has increased the number of events for almost every two weeks to release a new Faded Wheel event to attractive for players.

All Faded Wheel event Free Fire cannot participate without Diamonds. Similarly, you need Diamonds in this event also. You need to spend a lot of diamonds to grab these Gloo Wall skin, the grand prizes are the Lush club Bundle and champion Boxer Plasma gun.

Free Fire Mystery Shop Event in March 2021

Free Fire-new Mystery Shop event coming soon this event is available on the Brazil server and it’s coming to another server soon. In this event, you got up to a 99% discount on costumes, elite pass, and rename card and other luck royale vouchers, and many more items.

Free Fire Mystery Shop
New Mystery Shop 2021

>Free Fire New Event Give You Free Magi Cube

Free Fire
Free Fire New Event

Free Fire New Event Coming On Brazil Server In This Event You Got A Free Magi Cube This Event Now Availibel In Brazil Server

  • Free Fire x Attack On Titan

Free Fire x
Attack on Titan

Garena Free Fire today announced a global collaboration with Kodansha to bring content from Attack on Titan ( Shingeki no Kyojin ) to Garena Free Fire. As of now, the collaboration unites one of the most recognized modern Japanese anime series and one of the most popular mobile games in the world.

> Free Fire New Collaboration Titan X

Free Fire New Event
Free Fire Titan X

Free Fire-new Titan x collaboration coming soon with the Free Fire game maybe its start on 12 March 2021 note this is not confirmed by Garena official this is a leak only, In this collaboration come with a lot of new skin and a new plane skin and new airdrop skin and tow new man skin and a new beautiful lobby and many more.

> New M4A1 Gun Skin Coming Soon

Free Fire New Gun Skin
M4A1 Gun Skin

Free Fire new M4A1 gun skin coming soon this gun Damage + and Rate of fire ++ and Reload speed – and this a legendary gun M4A1 gun skin and its look is so good and I’m also like this gun and you let know in the comment section.

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> Free Fire New Luck Royale Coming Soon

free fire new luck royale
New Luck Royale

Garena Free Fire new luck royale coming soon shortly this luck royale come with new female costumes and bundles reward this an only female costumes bundles only not any male costumes and bundles.

> Free Fire New Character Skyler Royale

Free Fire New Character Skyler
New character Skyler

Free Fire new character Skyler royale coming to the Thailand server today, this is a faded wheel and the reward is full Skyler character and Skyler character costumes and many more other characters like moco, Dasha, Hayato, and more.

>Free Fire New Web Event

Free Fire New Event
New bundle

Free Fire new event new bundle and new shoes this event is coming soon for all server, This bundle looks so good what you do about this costume tell me in the comment section I also like this costumes and this type of event so guys finally this event is coming in our Free Fire game.

Free Fire New Event
Free Fire Event Calendar

Free Fire Latest New Upcoming Events

> New Discount Event

Free Fire New Event
New Discount Event

This is a new upcoming discount event coming soon this month its also comes with new gloo wall skin and new costumes bundles and emotes and many more.

>New Pet Dreki Event Coming Soon

Free Fire New Event
New pet Dreki Soon

Free Fire-new pet dreki new event coming soon maybe it’s coming in a top-up event or faded wheel event not confirms, But this is coming shortly.


Recharge Event – Recharge the Angels ;

Event with different rare skins as the main reward for reloading Diamonds. Reload 300 Diamonds to earn one of the rewards: Gray Mask, Fallen Angel Backpack, or Cricket Master Stick.

Web Event – Tiramba├žo ;

Back from the Tiramba├žo event where players can win prizes or tokens to exchange for prizes, with the arrival of the new angelic Bundles!

Main rewards: Bermuda Angelical Bundle and Bikini Angelical Bundles;


New Box in the Store Caixa de Anjo available in the store. Main reward: Black Turtleneck;


Web Event – CarnaFolia ;

New event in which players buy items with diamonds and receive tokens to exchange for other items. Main reward: Takeshita Dori Bundle.


Recharge Event – Dark Troops Event with new Gloo Wall as the main reward for recharging Diamonds.


1 Diamond – 3x Angel Box; 500 Diamonds – Gloo Wall – Dark Troops;

Incubator – Dark Troops ;

New Incubator – Dark Troops with new character skins.

Rewards: Volcanic Soldier Pack, Glacial Soldier Pack, Dark Soldier Pack, Spectral Soldier Pack.


Web Event – Next Phase ;

New Cobra Initiative event! Complete missions to earn points and receive prizes. Main reward: Granada Cobra Initiative;


Recharge Event – Event with rewards for reloading Diamonds.

Reload: 1 Diamond – Caparote Glasses; 300 Diamonds – Professor K Cap;

Choose Royale – Saitama Pajamas ;

New Choose Royale with the Cobra Initiative theme, our new project!

Main rewards: The Count and Katana Bundle – Cobra Initiative.

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