Free Fire New Updates And Events February 2021, New Cobra Bundle

Hi, guys today in this post I’m going to give you Free Fire’s latest new update and event February 2021 new gloo wall skin, new Saitama bundle, new graned skin, and many more Free Fire-new updates.

Free Fire New Latest New Event And Upcoming Event February 2021

> Free Fire New Cobra Bundles

Free Fire New Bundle
New Cobra Bundles

#1 Free Fire New Top Up Event February 2021

FEBRUARY 11 Top Up Event – Dark Troops Event with a new Gel Wall as the main reward for recharging Diamonds. Reload: 1 Diamond – 3x Angel Box 500 Diamonds – Gel Wall – Dark Troops

Free Fire Top Up Event
New Gloo Wall Skin

#2 Free Fire New Bundle Event

FEBRUARY 10 Web Event – CarnaFFolia New event in which players buy items with diamonds and receive tokens to exchange for other items. Main reward: Takeshita Dori Bundle

Free Fire New Bundle
New Bundle

#3 Free Fire New Incubator Bundles

Incubator – Dark Troops New Incubator – Dark Troops with new character skins. Rewards: Volcanic Soldier Pack _ Glacial Soldier Pack _ _ Dark Soldier Pack _ Spectral Soldier Pack

Free Fire Incubator
Free Fire Next Incubator Bundles

#4 Bikini Angelical Return

Web Event – Tirambaoo Returns from the Tirambaco event where players can win prizes or tokens to exchange for prizes, with the arrival of the new angelica’s skin pack! Main rewards: _ Bermuda Angelical Package _Bikini Angelical Package

Free Fire New Event
Bikini Angelical

#5 Free Fire New Luck Royale Bundle Saitama

Choose Royale – Saitama Pajamas New Luck Royale with land from the Cobra Initiative, our new project! Main rewards: _Pack 0 Count Katana- Cobra Initiative

Free Fire New Luck Royale Bundle
Saitama Bundle

#6 Black T-Sirt In-Store Coming Soon

FEBRUARY 9 New Box at Loja Caixa de Anjo available at the store. Main reward: Black High Cola

Free Fire Store
Black T-Sirt In-Store

#7 Free Fire New Web Event February 12

FEBRUARY 12 Web Event – Next Phase New Cobra Initiative event! Complete missions to earn points and receive prizes. Main reward: Granada- Cobra Initiative

free fire new web event
New Graned Skin

#8 Free Fire Top-Up Event February 13

FEBRUARY 13 Recharge Event Event with rewards for reloading Diamonds. Reload: 1 Diamond – Caparote Glasses 300 Diamonds – Bone Professor K

Free Fire New Top Up Event
New Top Up Event

I hope you like this Free Fire-new upcoming events and updates thanks for visiting guys also visiting again for more update about Garena Free Fire.

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