Free Fire New Holi Event India, Bangladesh, Nepal - Check Out

Free Fire New Holi Event India, Nepal, Bangladesh March 2021

Free Fire has announced that it will be a new event Holi in Free Fire through in-game activities. This event tells the story of a Demoness who has stolen all the color in the free fire game. Players are called upon by in-game characters Kelly, Hayato, and Misha. They are tasked to hunt down the Demoness and retrieve all the missing colors and free fire give so many free rewards like gun skin, and costumes.

Free Fire New event
Free Fire Holi event

Holi Event Release Date?

  • This event coming on 28 March 2021

Free Fire Attack On Titan New Event How To Work?

This Friday, March 2021, Garena revealed which will be the new skin for the Attack on Tiran Free Fire new event: anime to be launched in Brazil. and among other information. And this event coming to many more servers very shortly, in this event you got free reward like skin and more.

Free Fire New Event
Attack On Titan

The event “Attack on Titan” Free Fire will be available on our server next Tuesday (16) after 04h (Brasília time), the information was confirmed by the company to our Free Fire Club website.

A good part of the community already knows the event “Attack on Titan” Free Fire, the same usually brings the “Angelic Pants” back to Brazil.

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The main package will be the skin called “Attack Titan”, this is the 3rd main customization of the new Garena partnership to arrive on our server in Brazil and more server shortly.


Free Fire Attack On Titan
Basic Summons and Premium
  • See below how the Free Fire Awarded Spells event works:

There are 2 types of summons (chances) to get the event items, Basic Summons and Premium Summons, all of which will require Free Fire diamonds. And this event not the same for all sever it comes with a different type of different server.

Premium Summoning will give the user more chances to win the grand prize.

Basic invocation: low chance – you can use the magic bonus to add up to 220% chances (based on the previous edition).

Premium invocation: high chances – use the higher value option to further increase your chances at the event.

Lucky stone: use this magic bonus to increase the odds in the event, the bonuses are not cumulative.

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