Free Fire New M4A1 Gun Skin Incubator In March, 2021

The newly launched skins for Soldier M4A1 in Free Fire have captured the imagination of every Free Fire player. In the recent changes, Free Fire brought four new skins for the Soldier M4A1 availibel in the next Incubator on 17 March 2021 and it includes new 4 gun skin mention below in this post, called name M4A1 Spectal, M4A1 Glacial, M4A1 Dingy, M4A1 Volcanic.

Free Fire New Weapon Incubator M4A1 Gun Skin 2021

Free Fire New Incubator
Free Fire Next Incubator Gun Skin M4A1

#1 Soldier Volcanic M4A1

New M4A1 Gun Skin
Volcanic M4A1 Skin

This is our Free Fire new incubator first gun skin name is Volcanic M4A1 skin this looks is good and this gun attribute is Damage ++ and Rate of fire ++ and Reload speed – So overall this gun is nice for long-range and close range.

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#2 Soldier Dingy M4A1 Gun Skin

Free Fire Weapon Incubator Gun Skin
Soldier Dingy M4A1 Gun Skin

This gun color is ping and this nice looking gun skin and its an animated gun skin and this gun skin attribute is Damage ++ and Scope + and Magazin – this gun is best for long-range because this gun scope is + so the gun holder is able to see long-range very easy.

#3 Soldier Glacial M4A1 Gun Skin

Free Fire Incubator Gun Skin
Soldier Glacial M4A1 Gun Skin

Free Fire new upcoming incubator M4A1 gun skin name is Soldier Glacial this gun skin attribute is Precision + and Arm Penetration ++ and Movement speed – so overall it’s not bad what you do want about this new Free Fire incubator gun skin let me know in the comment section.

#4 Soldier Spectral M4A1 Gun Skin

Free Fire Incubator Gun Skin
Spectral M4A1 Gun Skin

So guys this gun skin is our last gun skin in Free Fire new weapon incubator gun skin this gun skin name is Spectral M4A1 gun skin and this gun attribute is Scope ++ and Reload speed – and Arm Penetration + overall this skin is good but not special.

Free Fire next incubator release date?

Our Free Fire next incubator is a Weapon incubator and its release date is 17 March, 2021 and this incubator has come with 4 new M4A1 gun skin, So guys I hope you like this information thanks for visiting our WebSite FFDADATAMINER.IN and also check our website for more updates about Garena Free Fire.

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