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On this Saturday, March 6, 2021, the new Free Fire new pet called “Dreki”, to celebrate the event, Garena Free Fire revealed which are the best combinations of skills for the same, learn how to use it and among other information. Note this event is now not availibel for all reasons.

Free Fire new pet Dreki coming soon March 2021

Free Fire New Pet Dreki
New pet dreki

Drakinho is available in the Free Fire Top Up event, in addition, it is also possible to obtain the skin “Drakinho Gal├ítico”, the prizes will be available until next Tuesday (09).

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Dreki ability in Free Fire is referred to as “Getting Dragon”, he can find opponents who are recovering hidden in the game’s matches.

Free Fire New Ability
New pet Draki ability

What is the ability of the new pet Dreki?

Upon reaching the maximum skill level Drakinho will be able to locate up to 4 other users on Free Fire, who are at least at a distance of up to 30 meters, his advantage will last for 5 seconds, then it will be necessary to wait again.

Check below what are the best skills to match Drakinho, Garena also included the new character Skyler (which still doesn’t have a release date in Brazil and more Server):

Dreki first arrived on the Advanced Server of Free Fire in January, however, only now in March it is being officially launched on all Garena servers shortly.

The skill combinations suggested by the developer act as a base for users, as the type of gameplay will change according to each one.

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