Free Fire New Upcoming Gold Royale Bundle In April 2021

Free Fire OB27 Update New Gold Royale April 2021

The Garena Free Fire OB27 Update has been released on this month 14th, April 2021, and all the players are now busy experiencing the new changes in the game. Free Fire has also come out with a new Diamond Royale and new Pet, new Gloo Wall skin. He will be seen as a new character Wokong with new elite abilities and elite Moco in-game. Garena Free Fire has also coming up with a new Gold Royale Bundle in the game.

Free Fire Gold Royale Bundle
Free Fire Next Gold Royale Bundle

What Free Fire Gold Royale?

Free Fire Gold Bundle is a luck royale event where you spin in luck royale and get items to get cool skins and also win a new Gold Royale bundle. Every spin price is 300 gold and 10 spin price 3000 gold and gets free an extra spin. Costumes can be either permanent or time limit. Many skins usually have time limits that are not exclusive.

How to get Free Fire Gold Royale bundle?

Free Fire Gold Royale Bundle is a luck royale event where you don’t need to top-up diamonds. This complete luck royale takes place with the Free Fire Gold coins that you have earned in-game by playing classic and ranked matches and also clash quad matches. You need to have either Gold Coins to spin the Gold royale Bundle. This time the Bundle is named not confirm this is a Female bundle image mention below this post.

Free fire gold royale
New gold royale bundle

About The Free Fire Gold Royale

Free Fire Gold Royale also items other time-limited gun skins and various fashion items like shirts, tops, bottoms, headwear, glasses, etc. The available in the Gold Royale section is a limited time but the main bundle is a permanent item.

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