Free Fire Next Week Event Calander, New Event, Next Elite Pass

Today in this post we are going to talk about the Free Fire next week new upcoming events and updates 2021.

Faaala! it’s OK? Today is Friday, so … it’s * News of the Week * Check out what’s coming up in the next few days in Free Fire. 

List of all new upcoming events and updates

*APRIL 26* * Web Event – Gold Trivela * Benefits achieved with diamonds in a Royale-style mechanic. Main rewards: _Ball in Net A _Ball in Net B _Caixa Your Choice. 

* APRIL 27 * * Reload Event – Team Shirt * Event with Team Shirt boxes as the biggest rewards for reloading diamonds. Reload: 1 Diamond – 3x Toolbox 500 Diamonds – Ball Pack on Net A + Ball Pack on Net B.

* APRIL 28 * * Pre-sale of the Elite Pass * Buy the next Elite Pass in the pre-order to receive: _Prancha- Pitcher of Covers * Choose Royale * New Choose Royale! Main rewards: _Tigrino Package _Battle Angel Pack _AUG- Nutcracker _Swaying.

* APRIL 29 * * Web Event – Triple Combo * Promotion event where the player buys an item with diamonds and spins a royale to win two free prizes. Main rewards: Akasagi Package (Male) _Foice- Akasagi.

*APRIL 30TH* * Reload Event – Nutcracker * Event with nut-themed items as the biggest reward for reloading diamonds. Reload: 1 Diamond – Loot Box – Wooden Horse 500 Diamonds – Insane Plates Backpack * Game Mode: Redemption * Return from Redemption mode.

Free Fire May 1st Elite Pass

FF New Elite Pass
Next Elite Pass May 2021

*MAY 1ST* * New Elite Pass – Circus Maniac * The main skins are Illusionist Gel Pack and Cover Throwing Pack.

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