Free Fire Upcoming OB27 Update Gloo Wall Skin In April 2021

Free Fire new upcoming Gloo Wall skin in OB27 update

Garena Free Fire also offers gloo wall skin grenades that help the players an instant wall on the field, which acts as a shelter for players. These gloo walls also feature different attractive skins and colors that make them more appealing. This article lists some of the best upcoming Free Fire OB27 gloo wall skins in April 2021.

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List of all new upcoming Gloo Wall skin in 2021

Free Fire Gloo Wall Skin

Free Fire New Gloo Wall Skin

Free Fire Green Gloo Wall Skin

Free Fire Gloo Wall Skin 2021

What is Gloo Wall In Free Fire?

Other than normal kinds of grenades, Free Fire introduces Gloo Wall grenade, a kind of grenade that creates a Gloo Wall instantly to protect players from another opponent player. The Gloo Wall can block the bullets and grenade damage, except for the shot from the M82B sniper gun.

What is Gloo Wall skin and, how to get it?

The default Gloo Wall has a shape like an ice wall with blue and white color. You can change the way Gloo Wall looks by equipping different gloo wall skins. Normally, you have to pay a lot of Diamonds cost to get Gloo Wall skin or be very lucky to get the gloo wall skins from events or free redeem codes.

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