All you need to know about Free Fire new upcoming incubator June 2021

To procure the M60 gun skin mentioned above, players will have to exchange the Blueprint: new upcoming incubator and the Evolution Stone. Both can be obtained from the spins in the Free Fire Incubator. Each spin costs 40 diamonds, and 10 spin cost 400 diamonds, while one spin is priced at 40 diamonds.

Free Fire upcoming incubator in June 2021

Friends this is our Free Fire upcoming incubator M60 gun skin which you will get to see in the incubator then it is also very good to see how do you feel?

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#1 This is first M60 gun skin

This gun skin is looking nice not bad what you think about this gun skin let me know in the comments section below.

Incubator gun skin 2021

#2 This is second M60 gun skin

This is my favourite 💘 gun skin I really like this skin because this is so OP.

M60 Incubator Gun Skin

#3 This is No3 gun skin

This gun skin colour combinations is so good golden and blue animation overall it’s no bad.

Free Fire June 2021 Incubator

#4 This is fourth gun skin

This gun skin is one of the best M60 gun skin in Free Fire because it’s looking so good and also higher contrast animation like red colour.

Free Fire Incubator Gun Skin

Where are is coming on game?

The ‘Papercut’ Incubator is about to end in Free Fire on June 13, 2020. After that, a brand new incubator with new M60 Gun skins would be introduced in the game. Before that, the players would experience many new features and additions to the game, with the OB28 update releasing on June 8, 2021.

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About this new upcoming M60 incubator gun skin

The upcoming Incubator of 2021 is based on a four different different colours theme. As always, firstly, four gun skin will be made available. It would reflect four tiger: shark, Alligator. After several days, these get removed.

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I hope you like this Free Fire upcoming M60 gun skin incubator in June 2021. Thanks for coming.

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