All you need to know about Free Fire new update and event June, 2021

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Free Fire new week event updates listed

There are still a few things left that I’ll send you next week, but we already have a lot of News of the Week content!

JUNE 7 Free Fire new web event

New bundle

Web Event – Loja do Desejo

The player will choose a main prize and a secondary prize. Each spin for diamonds will give a reward and at the end of 6 spins the player can win all the prizes.

Main reward:

Skull Pack

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Top-up Event – Katana- Season of Love

New Katana Skin

Katana Event – Season of Love as the biggest reward for refilling diamonds.


1 diamond – 3x Corn Box

500 diamonds – Katana- Season of Love

JUNE 8TH Free Fire OB28 updates

New update

New game update release.

Top-up event – McLaren P1™️ – Papaya

Mc-Laren Skin

McLaren P1™️ Car Skin Event – Papaya as top diamond refill reward.


300 diamonds – McLaren P1™️ – Papaya

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Free Fire New Royal Gold

New Gold Royale Bundle

New Royale Gold!

Main reward:

Super Kalahari Package

JUNE 9 Free Fire new pet

New Pet Sprees mode comes into play!!!

JUNE 10 New Event

Prize Rave – More information and rewards next week.

New Diamond Royale Bundle

Diamond Royale Bundle

New Diamond Royale!

Main rewards:

Groom of the Roses package

Bride of the Roses package

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JUNE 11TH – Free Fire new top up event

Top-up event – Emote Ripping Wave

Emote Event Ripping Wave as the greatest reward for diamond reload.


500 diamonds – Emote Taking a Wave

New Weapon Royale gun skin

New M1887 Gun Skin

Choose Royale with multiple rewards.

Main rewards:

M1887- Knockout Night

PLASMA – Knockout Night

JUNE 12 – Free Fire Mystery Shop Event

Mysterious Shop – More information and rewards next week.

Weapons Royale Gun Skin

AN94 Gun Skin

New Weapon Royale!

Main rewards:

AN94- Bride of the Roses

Thompson- Groom of the Roses.

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