Garena FF New Upcoming Event Calendar In November 2021 - Check out

Garena Free Fire stands among the most successful Android and iOS battle royale game in all aspects, including revenue and downloads. It was the second most downloaded mobile game in the Play Store and Apps Store 2021, with over 500+ million installations. 

Free Fire new upcoming events calendar new AWM gun skin, new Katana skin, new Perafal gun skin, new Woodpecker gun skin, new bat skin, new bundle, and new pet skin.

According to the leaks, the forthcoming update is likely to bring all new upcoming events is mentioned below image, in which players can see a brand new outfit set.

Free Fire New Upcoming Event Calendar In November, 2021

Free Fire New Event
FF New Upcoming Event

All new upcoming events and updates are mention below image and in this article.

#1 New Katana Skin.

#2 New AWM Gun Skin.

#3 New Perafal Gun Skin.

#4 New Bundle, New Emote, New Bat Skin, And Pet Skin.

#5 New Banner And Avatar.

#6 New Droco Pet Skin And Emote.

So guy's I hope you like this information about Free Fire new upcoming events and updates.

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