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Garena Free Fire Max Most of the items have a dedicated section in the game mode, while Gloo Walls skin doesn’t have one. The majority of the Gloo Wall skins arrive in Free Fire through a time-limited event and also come in Top-up event faded wheel event and Token tower event. However, most Gloo Wall skin designs do make a return on special occasions in free fire max.

In this post, we are going to discuss the above Top 5 Gloo Wall Skin In Free Fire so let’s get started.

Top 5 Gloo Wall Skin

The Free Fire Max often comes up with several characters, skins, outfits, vouchers, Gloo wall skin, gun skin, and many other items. Basically, all these items arrive during the collaborations and events special events like Top-up the event, Token tower event, Faded wheel event and etc. Gloo wall skins are one of the most used items in Free Fire, pro players also use the Gloo wall. These items come with lots of different skins. So, let’s check out the top 5 Free Fire Gloo Wall skins.

List Of All Top 5 Gloo Wall Skin In Free Fire Max

#1 Death Guardian Gloo Wall Skin:

Death Guardian is one of the most popular Gloo wall skins available in the Garena Free Fire Max. Players can try out to get this item. It looks very premium and good and its also so rare items in game.

Death Guardian

#2 Spikey Gloo Wall Skin:

Spikey Skin Basically, this gloo wall skin comes with a pink color body and sky color sides. It has also grey in color. It has made its comeback very recently and this skin not coming any other events. Moreover, there is the design of thorns on the backbone. It is also looking like a premium or rare items and I also like this Gloo Wall skin. This skin is also use some pro players.

Spikey Gloo Wall Skin

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#3 Ancient Order Gloo Wall Skin:

Ancient Order Gloo Wall skin It is one of the most exclusive and rare Gloo wall skin in Garena Free Fire. It has a warrior on the wall thame base skin. The warrior has swords on his hands. The color of the aura is red. Players can also try to get this gloo wall skin but this skin is not return.

Ancient Order Gloo Wall Skin

#4 Gate to Oblivion Gloo Wall Skin:

Gate To Oblivion Gloo Wall skin is coming on a Top up event this Top up event name is ‘Shark Attack’ will give gamers both free ‘Shark Attack Loot Box’ and ‘Gate to Oblivion Gloo Wall’ rewards for buying a specific number of diamonds.

Free Fire Gloo Wall Skin

#5 Rebel Academy Gloo Wall Skin:

Rebel Academy Gloo Wall skin is one of the most attractive and popular gloo wall skins available in Garena Free Fire. The official description of this gloo wall skin reads. It was first launched during a Free Fire Top up event of 500 Diamonds, which could be the reason why fans did not have it in their inventory and this skin is so rare now.

Free Fire Gloo Wall skin

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This is our Garena Free Fire Top 5 Gloo Wall Skin this all skin so rare in game and also people try to get this skin but this Gloo wall skin is not availible rigth now.

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