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Free Fire new Faded Wheel event in India Mp40 gun skin

Maintenance of Free Fire game is over and now the game is all set to play. Every month there are tow new Faded Wheel events in Free Fire game in which you get bundle or gun skin and emotes.

New Faded Wheel Event

In this article we will talk about the new Faded Wheel event of Free Fire in which you will get the skin of an MP40 gun and also an emote.

Free Fire New Tunes of Rose MP40 Gun Skin Faded Wheel Event

Friends, the name of the skin of MP40 gun you will get in this Faded Wheel event is Tunes of Rose, this skin is very popular.

How do you get new MP40 gun skin?

Step 1: Go to the Free Fire luck royale section and find the Faded Wheel event.

Step 2: Now spin the Faded Wheel 1st spin price is free 2nd spin: 9 diamonds

3rd spin: 19 diamonds

4th spin: 39 diamonds

5th spin: 69 diamonds

6th spin: 99 diamonds

7th spin: 199 diamonds

8th spin: 499 diamonds

Step 3: If you lucky so you will be get new MP40 gun skin and also get new emote and all other items which is available in this Faded Wheel.

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Unknown said…
Evo m1887 aayega
27 august ko kya bhai or kitna diamond katega

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