Which is Free Fire MAX new Incubator gun skin in October 2022

Recently, there are two different incubators are available in the Free Fire MAX! but the Reptilia AWM is the most recent one in the India server.

Every 15 days a new incubator comes in Free Fire MAX, in which you get gun skin and clothes, so today we will talk to you about the new incubator of the Free Fire MAX game.

In the new incubator coming to the Free Fire MAX! game, you will get the Thompson gun skin with four different color combinations and also get different abilities and attributes.

Free Fire MAX! new Incubator gun skin Thompson October 2022

All new four gun skin is shown in this video you can see video.

New incubator release date?

This new upcoming Incubator gun skin is coming after the end of this existing incubator gun skin AWM it’s over on 27 October 2022.

Called name of the new Incubator gun skin:

  • Galaxy Panther
  • Dawn Lynx
  • Jaguar Fire
  • Cheetah Snow

This is the Free Fire MAX! new upcoming Incubator Thompson gun skin.

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