All need to know about Free Fire Max OB37 update 15 changes November 2022

Many of you must be waiting for Free Fire Max ob37 and also your question will be what will come in the next ob update, so today we will tell you what is coming new in the ob37 update and also talk about more than Free Fire Max OB37 update 15 changes.

Free Fire Max advanced servers arrive once every 2 months to let you know what’s coming in the game, this time the new update of ob37 is coming in and you will get a new weapon and a pet. OB37 update is coming on 16 January in which you will get to see a lot of changes and you will be very excited to know this we have told you about some changes in this post.

Top 15 changes in Free Fire Max OB37 update

Free Fire Max OB37 update 15 changes
Free Fire Max OB37 update 15 changes

There will be Free Fire Max OB37 update 15 changes in the game what will change, we have given a list here, you can see.

List of the Free Fire Max OB37 changes:

  • Fist change is FF Max Logo has been changed in the next ob update.
  • And a new pet is here called name is Dinoculars.
  • A new Weapon called name is Trogon.
  • Again a new weapon is coming called the name is Armorella.
  • A significant change in Lone Wolf new map was added.
  • New mode Football Squad mode.
  • New Zombie Hunt mode.
  • Reload Animation change.
  • Fast Blast mode.
  • The new function was added in Clach Quad mode.
  • Now you can get katana in the airdrop.
  • New Katana attack animation.
  • Now the M1014 gun was coming in level wince in Clash Quad mode and this change is also applied in rank mode.
  • New Grenade Trampoline.
  • Akimbo Mode is returned.
  • New Lobby.
  • Starting Lobby changed.
  • A new Gun section was added.

Free Fire Max OB37 update release date?

Free Fire Max next ob37 update will arrive on Jan 16, 2022.

All these changes are going to happen in the coming ob37 update.

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