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Free Fire Olivia and Ford characters changes in OB37 update

As you guys know ob37 update of Free Fire is going to come in the game in January 2022 so in that update, we will get two new changes Free Fire Olivia and Ford characters. So today we will show you that character’s face, one of them will be female and one will be male.

The faces of our Olivia and Ford characters have been changed in this new update. As you know, in the earlier updates, you had also updated the Palama, in the same way, it has also been updated.

The new look of Olivia and Ford characters in the Free Fire OB37 update

Free Fire Olivia and Ford character changed
Free Fire Olivia and Ford characters changes

Here you can see the guys this is our Free Fire new updated Olivia and Ford characters with a new look.

Free Fire Oliva and Ford characters changes

Now, as far as their ability is concerned, as far as I know, there will be no change in their ability.

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I liked this look of her, how did you like it, tell me in the comment.

Free Fire OB37 update date?

Free Fire OB37 update date is 16, January 2022.

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