How to Get Unlimited Diamonds in Free Fire with Best Tips & Tricks 2023

Garena Free Fire is one of the best battle royale games developed by which is available to play on both Android and iOS devices made by the one and only famous developer 111dots Studio which was released globally on December 4, 2017. 

And, if you have played the game then you must be aware that we cannot just get unlimited diamonds in the game unless it is a Free Fire MOD APK, but in this article, we’ll talk about some practical Tips & Tricks to get some really good amount of diamonds. The game is all about you being the last man surviving on the Island. The game is a battle royale, where up to 50 players are pitted against each other in a struggle for survival.

 Where players must find weapons, vehicles, and other items to survive with the main objective of finishing other enemies where the last remaining player or team wins the game. Free Fire offers its players a wide variety of weapons, attachments, and other items that can be used to customize a character. Free Fire features a variety of game modes including the classic Battle Royle Mode, Team Deathmatch, and the new 4v4.

Top 5 Tips & Tricks to Get Unlimited Diamonds in Free Fire 2023

#1. Participate in Events

Garena Free Fire often hosts different types of unique events as well as special events in the game that offers its players the chance to earn free diamonds in the game. These events usually contain quizzes and tasks that involve playing the game, watching videos on YouTube, participating in surveys, completing all the daily tasks & missions, and a lot more that you’ll get to explore with the events where after finishing the task players often get awarded with diamonds.

#2. GPT Applications & Giveaways

The last point of this post that we are going to talk about is the different GPT applications also known as Get-Paid-To applications that one can use such as Rooter. Apps that allow users to earn coins, points, or rewards by completing various tasks like surveys, watching videos, playing games, or shopping online. These apps are a great way to earn extra coins while doing something you enjoy.

#3. Redeem Codes

If you’re a Garena Free Fire player then you must have heard about Redeem Codes & this is a thing that the Free Fire often released quite frequently through their social media accounts. Players can use these codes to claim rewards, which sometimes include free diamonds. So, 

definitely because of all these reasons redeem codes are one of the best ways a person can get unlimited diamonds in the game.

#4. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is no rocket science, it’s just an application from Google where you just have to answer some simple surveys, for which players can get paid really well. The process is super simple, surveys happen on this platform and the players have to answer these different surveys to collect diamonds.

how to get free diamonds in Free Fire MAX

#5. Referrals & Poll Pay/Winzo

Garena Free Fire players are provided with the option to invite their friends to the game and through this friend joining the game and completing specific tasks the player can even earn free fire diamonds. With different applications like the Poll Pay & Winzo applications in which you have to participate in surveys and answer the questions. And, the thing in this one is the money you earned in this app.


Well, that was all about the Top 5 best ways a player can collect a reasonable & good amount of diamonds in the game which will really help him a lot. Surely, you cannot just get unlimited diamonds unless & until you have downloaded the Garena Free Fire MOD APK or something like that but in the normal game, these are among the best ways one can get free diamonds. 

Furthermore, if you have any questions or queries related to the article then leave them down below in the comments section and you’ll get your answer there.

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