Garena Free Fire New Event Eagle Gaze M1887 Gun Skin In 10th April 2023

Garena Free Fire New Event Eagle Gaze M1887 Gun Skin
Garena Free Fire New Event Eagle Gaze M1887 Gun Skin

Garena Free Fire, the well-known mobile game crafted by the ingenuity of 111 Dots Studio and distributed by the distinguished Garena, has freshly proclaimed a novel event christened Eagle Gaze. The affair is earmarked to happen on the tenth day of April in the year of our Lord 2023, and it will showcase an unprecedented, freshly-designed epidermis for the M1887 shotgun. In this discourse, we will delve into the minutiae of the affair, the revolutionary firearm skin, and all the other significant details regarding this momentous novelty in the game.

Free Fire New Event Details

The Eagle Gaze occasion is an event of transient nature that will transpire in the realms of Garena Free Fire on April 10th, 2023. In the course of the event, gamesters will be bestowed with an opportunity to procure a completely new-fangled exterior for the M1887 shotgun. The festivity will be conveniently accessible to every player, and there will be no constraints or criteria regarding the tier of proficiency or limitations to partake in the occasion.

To participate in the event, players will need to log in to the game on April 10th, 2023, and complete the event's objectives. The objectives will be announced on the day of the event, and players will need to complete them to obtain the new M1887 gun skin.

The New Gun Skin

The appellation of the exclusive armament facade that will be presented in the Eagle Gaze episode is "Eagle Gaze M1887." It is a distinctive epidermis that showcases a bird-of-prey-inspired design with a gilded finish. The armament cover will solely be acquirable during the celebration, and it is not attainable through any other modus.

The M1887 shotgun is a prevalent ordnance in Garena Free Fire, and the Eagle Gaze skin is bound to be an exceedingly coveted accession to any contender's assemblage. The skin not only exhibits a remarkable appearance but also endows the gun with a marginal amplification to its statistics, rendering it a more efficacious armament in a clash.

Other Event Rewards

Apart from the newly designed weapon skin, the Eagle Gaze event will also dispense further bonuses that players can accumulate. The particulars of these bonuses will be unveiled on the day of the event. Nevertheless, these rewards could consist of items like diamonds, coins, and other in-game currency.


The Eagle Gaze episode is a thrilling and fresh inclusion to Garena Free Fire that affords contenders the chance to acquire a distinct and influential fresh weapon epidermis for the M1887 shotgun. The event will solely be accessible for a restricted period, and hence, contenders should make certain to log in on April 10th, 2023, to take part in the competition and accrue their bonuses.


Can the Eagle Gaze M1887 gun skin be obtained through any means other than the event?

No, the skin is only available through the Eagle Gaze event.

Is there a level requirement to participate in the event?

No, the event is open to all players regardless of their level.

Are there any restrictions on the number of times the event can be played?

No, players can participate in the event as many times as they want during the event period.

What happens if a player is unable to complete the event objectives?

Players who are unable to complete the objectives will not be able to obtain the new gun skin, but they may still be able to collect other event rewards.

Will the event be available in all regions?

Yes, the event will be available to all players in all regions where Garena Free Fire is available.

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