Free Fire Paradox Event Evo Bundle: Light Power and Shadow Force - Coming May 24, 2024

Free Fire's Paradox Event Evo Bundle

Hey Free Fire enthusiasts! Brace yourselves for a game-changing update as the highly anticipated Paradox Event Evo Bundles make their grand debut on May 24, 2024. This event introduces two thrilling new bundles—Light Power and Shadow Force—that promise to elevate your gameplay and style. Let’s dive into what these bundles bring to the battlefield and why you won’t want to miss out!

Free Fire New Evo Bundle Light Power:

New Evo Bundle Light Power

This bundle is all about embracing the light and showcasing your radiant strength. The Light Power Bundle comes with a dazzling array of items that will make you shine on the battlefield. Here’s what you can expect:

Exclusive Light Power Skin: A vibrant and luminous skin that symbolizes purity and strength. This skin not only looks fantastic but also enhances your in-game persona.

Unique Emote: A special emote that lets you express your dominance and grace in style.

Weapon Skins: Equip your arsenal with glowing weapon skins that match your Light Power theme, ensuring you look as formidable as you feel.

Shadow Force Bundle In Free Fire:

Shadow Force Evo Bundle

For those who prefer to channel their inner darkness, the Shadow Force Bundle offers a sleek and intimidating aesthetic. It’s perfect for players who thrive in the shadows and strike fear into their opponents. Here’s what you get:

Exclusive Shadow Force Skin: A dark, edgy skin that exudes power and mystery. Perfect for stealth and surprise attacks.

Unique Emote: An exclusive emote that showcases your shadowy prowess.

Weapon Skins: Equip your weapons with dark, fearsome skins that complement your Shadow Force theme and intimidate your foes.

Event Details

Event Start Date: May 24, 2024

Both bundles will be available as part of the Paradox Event starting on May 24. Players can earn these bundles by participating in special event challenges, collecting event tokens, and completing missions.

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