Free Fire Monthly Ban Report: July 2024

Free Fire Monthly Ban Report

Garena Free Fire continues its commitment to maintaining a fair and enjoyable gaming environment for all players. In July 2024, the team took significant action against cheaters and hackers to ensure a level playing field. Here's a detailed look at the recent measures taken to protect the integrity of the game.

Ban Overview

In July 2024, a total of 91,933 accounts were permanently banned for violating Free Fire’s policies. These bans were the result of diligent monitoring and reporting by the Free Fire community and the proactive efforts of the Garena security team.

Types of Violations

The banned accounts were found guilty of various forms of cheating, including:

Usage of Hacks: This includes aimbots, wallhacks, and other third-party software that provides unfair advantages.

Exploits: Abusing game mechanics or bugs to gain an unfair edge over other players.

Unauthorized Modifications: Using modified versions of the game client that alter gameplay.

Impact on the Community

The bans serve as a clear message that cheating will not be tolerated in Free Fire. Honest players can enjoy the game with the assurance that cheaters are being actively sought out and removed from the platform. The efforts to maintain a fair gaming environment help to uphold the competitive integrity that is crucial for esports and casual play alike.

Crackdown on Hack-Related Channels

In addition to banning in-game accounts, Garena also targeted the sources of hacking tools and cheats. During July 2024, 439 hack-related channels were taken down, including those on major platforms like YouTube and Facebook. These channels were found to be distributing or promoting cheating software, which undermines the fair play principles of Free Fire.

Community Effort

The success of these enforcement actions is largely due to the collaborative effort between the Free Fire community and the Garena security team. Players are encouraged to report any suspicious activity or content that they encounter. The community's vigilance helps to identify and eliminate sources of unfair play quickly and effectively.

How to Report Cheating?

If you encounter a player using cheats or find hack-related content online, you can report it through the following methods:

  • In-Game Reporting: Use the in-game report feature to flag suspicious players.

  • Customer Support: Contact Free Fire customer support with details of the violation.

  • Social Media: Report hack-related channels or content on social media platforms directly to the platform administrators.


July 2024 was a significant month in the fight against cheating in Free Fire, with nearly 92,000 accounts banned and hundreds of hack-related channels taken down. These actions reinforce Garena’s commitment to maintaining a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

This report published by: Free Fire India Official

Stay vigilant, play fair, and help keep Free Fire a safe and competitive environment for everyone.

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