Free Fire New Anemo Limelight Fist Faded Wheel Event: Starting 11th July 2024

Free Fire New Anemo Limelight Fist Faded Wheel Event

Attention Free Fire fans in India, Bangladesh, Singapore, and Europe! Get ready for a thrilling new event that will let you snag some spectacular rewards. The Anemo Limelight Fist Faded Wheel event is set to kick off on 11th July 2024, bringing a fresh wave of excitement and exclusive items. Here’s all you need to know about this upcoming event.

What is the Faded Wheel Event?

The Faded Wheel event in Free Fire is a popular in-game event where players can spin a wheel to win various exclusive rewards. Unlike traditional lucky draws, the Faded Wheel allows players to remove two unwanted items from the prize pool, increasing the chances of winning the desired rewards.

Event Highlights:

  • Event Name: Anemo Limelight Fist Faded Wheel
  • Event Duration: Starting from 11th July 2024
  • Servers: India, Bangladesh, Singapore, Europe

How to Participate

1. Log In: Ensure you log in to Free Fire during the event period to access the Faded Wheel.

2. Remove Items: Before spinning the wheel, you can choose to remove two items from the prize pool that you’re less interested in.

3. Spin the Wheel: Use Diamonds to spin the wheel. Each spin guarantees a reward, and the cost increases with each subsequent spin.

4. Claim Your Rewards: After each spin, claim your prize and continue spinning until you get the Anemo Limelight Fist or other exclusive items.

Tips for Success:

  • Strategize Your Spins: Decide which items to remove from the prize pool to increase your chances of getting the items you really want.

  • Manage Your Diamonds: Plan your spending to ensure you have enough Diamonds for multiple spins.

  • Stay Informed: Keep an eye on in-game announcements and updates for any additional offers or bonus rewards.


Don’t miss out on the Anemo Limelight Fist Faded Wheel event starting on 11th July 2024. With exclusive rewards and the thrill of the spin, this event is the perfect opportunity to enhance your Free Fire experience.

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