Free Fire's New Hacker Store Event: 7th July 2024

Free Fire's New Hacker Store Event

Exciting news, Free Fire fans! A brand-new Hacker Store event is coming your way, offering incredible deals and exclusive items. This special event will be available on the North America, South America, USA, and Brazil servers. Mark your calendars from 7th July to 16th July 2024 and get ready to snag some amazing rewards.

What is the Hacker Store Event?

The Hacker Store event is a limited-time event where players can purchase exclusive in-game items at discounted prices. The event features a unique store setup where you can choose from a selection of rewards, offering you the chance to customize your haul based on your preferences.

Event Highlights:

  • Event Name: Hacker Store Event
  • Event Duration: 7th July to 16th July 2024
  • Servers: North America, South America, USA, Brazil

How to Participate

Log In: Make sure to log in to Free Fire during the event period to access the Hacker Store.

Select Your Rewards: Upon entering the Hacker Store, you will be presented with a selection of exclusive items. You can choose your desired rewards and place them in your custom store.

Spin to Discount: Use Diamonds to spin for discounts on the items you’ve selected. Each spin will offer a different discount, allowing you to purchase items at reduced prices.

Exclusive Rewards

The Hacker Store event features a variety of exclusive rewards, including:

Special Skins: Unlock unique weapon and character skins that are only available during this event.

Character Upgrades: Get items that enhance your characters’ abilities and performance.

In-Game Currency: Earn additional Diamonds and Gold Coins to use in future purchases and events.

Unique Items: Collect rare items, emotes, and accessories to personalize your gameplay experience.


Don’t miss out on the Free Fire Hacker Store event from 7th July to 16th July 2024. This limited-time event offers fantastic deals and exclusive rewards, making it the perfect opportunity to enhance your in-game experience. 

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