Free Fire Weekly Event Calendar June 2021 - Check Out

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Platinum Metallic Bundles

Web Event – Pinball Machine

Players will buy marbles to play from the top of the machine, 1 or 5 marbles. Each ball is falling and avoiding obstacles until reaching the end in one of the available spaces. Each space has a specific prize.

Main Reward: Platinum Metallic Bundles


Creature Weapons

Reload Event – Project – Creature Weapons

Project Event – Weapons of the Creatures, Cat’s Eye, and Evolution Stone as major rewards for diamond recharge.


1 Diamond – Project – Weapons of Creatures

500 Diamonds – Cat’s Eye + Evolution Stone

800 Diamonds – Cat’s Eye + 5x  Sweetie Box

Incubator – Weapons Redemption 3.0

Weapons Redemption 3.0 Incubator is back! Standard Incubator Mechanics.

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Main rewards:

 M60- Draco the Storm

 M60- Cascudo, the Earthquake

 M60- Aurora, the Volcanic

 M60- Rajah the Glacial

 Project – Weapons of Creatures


Carrion Bundles

Web Event – Target Shooting

Diamond spin event to earn rewards.

Main reward: Carrion Bundles


Magic Cube fragments

Stay tuned! Starting on 06/17 there will be several events to receive free Magic Cube fragments until you complete 1 Cube!

Login Event – Festa Junina

Log in and rescue 10 Magic Cube fragments

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Luck Royal

Choose Royale with multiple rewards.

Main reward: Rajah the Glacial Package


Redemption Events: A New Tomorrow comes into play!

Login Event – Festa Junina

Log in and rescue 10 Magic Cube fragments

Login Event – Redemption: A New Tomorrow

Log in to redeem event rewards until you earn the Storm-Stick

Top-up Event – Four Creatures Backpack

Creatures Backpack

Four Creatures Backpack Event as the greatest reward for a diamond Top-up.


1 Diamond – 2x Ticket Token Barraca do Beijo

500 Diamonds – Four Creatures Backpack


ETzin Pet

Login Event – Festa Junina

Log in and rescue 20 Magic Cube fragments and the new ETzin Pet!

ETzin Skill – Galactic Protection

Damage reduction 35% while player cannot interact [eg Using the medkit, repairs, etc].

In-Game Event – Playing the Cube

After the matches, you will receive Magic Cube Fragments, which can reach a maximum total of 60 fragments accumulated after the matches.

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